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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Video Monitors

Of all the baby products I have bought over this last year, my favorite by far is his video monitor. I really wish I had gotten it from the start, it would have definitely helped the time he was screaming not because he didn't want to take a nap, but because he got his chubby leg stuck in the crib. Horrible mom feeling right there.

Besides those reasons, its just fun to watch what he does when he's all by himself.

I laid him down for his nap today and I kept hearing him laugh. My first thought is that one of the cats must be in his room, so I click on the monitor. Nope, he's dancing to his My Pal Scout.

Apparently theres some controversy over the fact that people can cruise your neighborhood and pick up the signal from your video monitor. This had made some people go "oh no, i would never own one!" but considering my street has a whopping 6 houses on it, I'm not giving up this entertainment.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You just need to watch out for over-zealous Ally McBeal fans who like to watch dancing babies.