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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


If you want to get a reaction out of a room full of mothers of toddlers, just yell out "MOLARS!".

When his first four front teeth came in, it barely even phased him. It was usually more of a "oh hey, look you have another tooth, cool!" Oh, but then the molars are coming and someone let out the fussy crying Satan baby. And I cant even see it yet! Tylenol wasn't phasing him at all. Grandma watched him while I ran to Target and go him some Ibuprofen (and milk, cat food, blah blah).

Now I'm just convinced Target brand Ibuprofen must contain speed.

Plus side, he was obviously feeling a whole lot better. Downside, he kept trying to stand on the TV stand. (Stephen, you did not read this). Over and over, oh and did I mention OVER again. Then he did this:

Obviously you can tell how much this phases me now, cause instead of yelling "OMG Evil Kenevil child!" I go "Oh photo op!". Luckily he wasn't brave enough to attempt a complete balancing act on the 1 inch rim of the ottoman. He already knows what a fall from that height feels like.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness . . . Kids are FUNNY! You're doing great, Momma. ;) I am so glad you started this blog -- I can cyberstalk you from California. :D Yaaaaay!