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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Really? Really?! REALLY!!

Today I had to stop Joshua from sticking a cap to a pen into the electrical socket. Cause you know they will find that one outlet thats missing the cover. Apparently in the eyes of a 16 month old this made me the worst mom ever. If he hadn't have said "Hi mom" for the first time a few days ago I may have taken this personal.

Last night I didn't sleep well at all, and of course he decided to wake up at 6:30. Cause thats how it goes you know. Of course I was also out of Ibuprofen and for some reason that's the only thing that makes my my Satan teething toddler sane. I finally scrapped enough out of the bottle to get him to take a whole hour nap at 3:00. Then Stephen made it home (thank you Windstream for letting him off at 3:00!) and I finally got a shower. I feel semi human again. We went to Target where I got some more Ibuprofen. Apparently I was wrong when thinking he was getting his fourth molar, this is still his third, but apparently this one is causing much more problems then the others. Seriously can we PLEASE get over this molar thing. The fact that I have 5 more molars and 4 more "canine" teeth to go make me just want to go curl up in the corner. I just keep saying to myself "This will pass, you DO want another one, YOU DO, THIS WILL PASS".

But really, Joshua may be more of a pain in the butt than most toddlers, at least I like to believe, but I love that goober to death and I couldn't think of anything more fulfilling than being his mom.

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