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Monday, November 15, 2010

Evil Publix

My son sits in shopping carts backwards. That's just how he rolls I guess. It's much better than when he tries to stand up in it. I discovered that fun trick when I foolishly decided to take my eyes off of him for more than two seconds. Apparently the woman standing next to me was going to say nothing about the child on the brink of face-planting.

Sometimes I feel like I live at Target.

And thanks to Publix for placing a display of cartoon character balloons at every single checkout line. I get to hear "Daaaa! Daaaa!" yelled at me while I try to unload the groceries from the cart. "Daaa" is pretty universal for "See that, mom, I want that!". It's Dora and Mickey Mouse of all things. I'm on to your evil ways Publix.

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